Plowing the Fields – Vermont

Plowing the field - Vermont

Title: Plowing the Fields | Vermont | © Z.P. Stephens

Living and exploring in New England, there is never a lack of interesting things to photograph. There is also never a lack of interesting, rusted out, old cars and trucks, that are slowly becoming one with the earth again. Seriously, I see these things everywhere. These and dilapidated, old barns, and buildings that look like they have been here for ages…

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Badlands 2

Badlands 2

Title: Badlands 2 | South Dakota | © Z.P. Stephens

This is a view of the Badlands in Badlands National Park in South Dakota. I was really taken with the shape of the landscape in this spot. I like the way it seems to curve around you.

I tried to emphasize the feeling by shooting with an ultra wide angle lens and getting really low. Having a bit of the rock out of focus in the foreground and that slight curve of the horizon exacerbates the feeling that I was going for.

There is something special about the badlands. I feel really good when I am there exploring.

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Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack

Title: Sugar Shack | Dummerston, Vt. | © Z.P. Stephens

As far as I could tell there was no actual path or road to this old sugar house. It seemed to be abandoned in the woods of Dummerston, Vt. Whenever I see a building like this that has been clearly left to nature I feel somewhat drawn to it. I love the idea of these things that humanity has made and mother nature slowly taking them back.

At the time of making this I didn’t have the time or opportunity to explore further. Though I REALLY wanted to see inside. Places like this leave me with so many more questions than answers. I suppose it’s that kind of curiosity that makes me want to make an image in the first place.

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Where the Buffalo Roam


Title: Where the Buffalo Roam | South Dakota | © Z.P. Stephens

Where I come from, it is not commonplace to see buffalo. It’s not even commonplace to see such a wide open landscape without any trees or mountains. So when I was driving down the aptly named Buffalo Gap Road in Custer State Park in South Dakota, it was shocking and amazing to suddenly come upon a herd of buffalo meandering in and around the gravelly dirt road.

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Simon Pearce


Simon Pearce

Title: Simon Pearce | Queechee, Vt. | © Z.P. Stephens

That little deck with the glass windows overhanging the waterfall is part of the Simon Pearce Restaurant. It is in an old mill building in Queechee, Vt., right on the Ottauquechee River. I have never been inside Simon Pearce and in fact knew nothing about it until yesterday. I just saw it as I was passing over a quintessential Vermont covered bridge in Queechee. I was so taken with it that I immediately found a place to park so I could get a photo.

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Lone Tree

lone tree

Title: Lone Tree | Marlboro, Vt. | © Z.P. Stephens

When I was in college one of my first assignments was to photograph a tree in a field. At the time I didn’t really understand the significance of this, and looking back I guess I am still unsure. But now, I like to look for them and photograph them. For me each tree has a different story to tell about life.

This image is a variation of that idea. A lone tree, silhouetted against a moody sky, with the sun just barely peaking out from the trunk. For me, the interesting thing about an image like this is the mood it conveys. A dead or dying tree that despite it’s condition is still standing tall and proud. The sky says that there could be a storm coming or perhaps has come and gone, symbolizing challenges or tough times, but the sun breaking through the clouds conveys hope. It’s almost as if the tree has made it through the hard part and is now on the other side of it, looking back upon the challenges it has faced.


Daily Photo: Trees on Harney Range

Title: Trees on Harney Range | Custer State Park, SD | © Z.P. Stephens

Title: Trees on Harney Range | Custer State Park, SD | © Z.P. Stephens

It takes about 2 hours to hike from Sylvan Lake to Harney Peak in Custer State Park in South Dakota. That is moving at a pretty steady pace and stopping very little. If you are like me though it will take much longer because everywhere you look there is something amazing to photograph. This image is just one of many photos from my hike that I love. Don’t worry, I will share more as I go through them. This is about at the point when the trees start to thin dramatically. The beginning of the trail is pretty thickly wooded and it becomes less and less as you make your way to the top, where the elevation is 7,244′ (2,208 m), and it is for the most part completely bald.

Daily Photo: Abstract Landscape 8997651

Title: Abstract Landscape | Brattleboro, VT | © Z.P. Stephens 2014

Title: Abstract Landscape 8997651 | Brattleboro, VT | © Z.P. Stephens 2014

Sometimes the most interesting picture isn’t the incredible, awe inspiring vista in front of you. Instead, it is sometimes the one that is below you, in front of your feet.

So really, what I’m getting at, is that this is an image of melting snow, dirt and concrete. But to me, it looks like an incredible, abstract landscape.

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Daily Photo: The Scaffolding


TItle: The Scaffolding | Brattleboro, VT | © Z.P. Stephens 2014


This scaffolding was up for a long time in Brattleboro, Vt. It was there as construction workers were rebuilding the Brooks House after a fire gutted the building a few years ago. The scaffolding is gone now and the building is back in business, but while it was up, it felt like you were walking through this really interesting tunnel and I wanted to capture that feeling. I guess a lot of the work I do is because the space I am in, or the thing that I see, evokes some kind of feeling from me. I am drawn to it and feel the need to photograph it.

Daily Photo: The Badlands



I’m almost at a loss for words to describe the awe and beauty of watching the sunrise in Badlands National Park in South Dakota. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as camping in the Badlands and rising at 4am to hike out to see this place. The only downfall during this trip was the INTENSE amount of mosquitoes. They would swarm us like crazy. It was worth it though to be able to be in this space.